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Our support is for adult survivors of domestic abuse (aged 16 and over) who are living in Breckland.  With the introduction of the new Norfolk wide Domestic Abuse Service (NIDAS) the Daisy Programme is only accepting referrals for Standard risk.


For high/medium risk please refer to the NIDAS service: 

Contact: NIDAS (


For every Client, we offer an initial risk assessment, this will allow the Client to tell their story in a safe, non-judgemental way.  We are Client led and this offers us the opportunity to discuss their needs and work out their journey of support with us.


Client support could be raising awareness of domestic abuse, safety planning, advocacy work, practical support, re-educating on healthy relationships; perpetrators behaviours, re-building self-confidence and self-awareness.  Telephone support is available for clients.  We are able to offer short term counselling for clients who have more complex issues - 6 sessions initially with an option to extend up to a maximum of 18.


Through our support, clients will gain control of their lives by improving their connectedness with others who have been on similar journeys, raising their self-confidence and self-awareness. Giving them the tools and techniques to enable them to be better equipped to make positive future life choices for themselves and their children. With our support, in time they will feel more confident about managing their own journey into the future.


Daisy Programme is also keen to offer ongoing support to our clients with our Peer Support Group(s), which is facilitated by one of our Volunteers, this is for when the more formal support has ended.  As we understand that clients who live with or who have left an abusive relationship may have ongoing triggers and in the Peer Support Group these issues can be identified and worked on without escalation.


If you have a client who has disclosed domestic abuse and needs specialist support, please use our referral form below and refer to our referral process which is stated on our referral form.


We are also available to offer advice to any professionals who are working with clients and are also able to offer to do joint meetings with clients and professionals.


Referrals can be received through our generic email address  We can also be contacted on 01953 880903.


Please use this form to refer clients to Daisy. You can print and scan and return, or complete electronically and email the form back to us using the contact details below.

Referral Form
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