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Daisy Programme is a registered charity in England. By law it must have a group of trustees who are responsible for the operation of the charity. Trustees are not paid, but meet several times a year and will work closely with members of the Daisy team to oversee and support their work.​

Trustees have six essential duties:

  • To ensure Daisy is carrying out its activities for the public benefit

  • To comply with Daisy's governing document and the law

  • To act in Daisy's best interests

  • To ensure that Daisy is accountable

  • To manage Daisy's resources responsibly

  • To act with reasonable care and skill

All charity trustees must be registered with the Charity Commission. You can visit the Commission's website to find out more details, as well as view the Daisy Trustees' Annual Reports.

Daisy has written a guide for Trustees to help them understand their role, based on the Charity Commission guidelines. Not every trustee will cover every area in the guide - it's more likely that an individual trustee will have experience or an interest in one or two areas and pay closer attention to those. Working as team, we aim to have all areas covered.

Daisy Trustees' Guide (PDF 134KB)

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Daisy can have up to 8 trustees overseeing its activities. The current group are drawn from a mix of backgrounds, illustrated by what they say about themselves:

"I have over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist/supervisor working with those who have or are experiencing abuse, including sexual abuse. I have also worked in accredited organisations training counsellors to degree level"

"I have worked as a psychiatric nurse - a social worker who worked in forensic psychiatry, with children with disability, the elderly, disabled, in a hospice and hospital, trained student social workers. I am also a retired Magistrate and ran two bereavement services before finally becoming a support worker for disabled folk"

" I am a semi-retired registered counselling psychologist with career experience in the probation service, child and family work as well as Higher Education"

"I have worked for many years in public administration, particularly IT, governance and finance, and have seen the devastating effects of DA within my own extended family."

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