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Support Group


Daisy offers various support groups and classes enabling clients to receive continued connection and understanding with peer support. 


The Daisy support groups offer a safe and compassionate place for clients to help each other to face worries and concerns whilst also sharing future hopes and dreams. The groups are also a chance for clients to have a go and try something new, perhaps by expressing their emotions through art & craft, exploring patterns of thinking and behaviour through creative writing or lifting a low mood by singing in the choir.


From time to time, we offer one of events such as yoga for health, mindfulness, drumming and sound gong baths.

"It has meant an awful lot to me, particularly during this period of lockdown and would be very happy to access a course like this in the future".


"The ability to connect with people who share their desire to explore themselves and their worlds through therapeutic means is my life's work.  It means the world to me.  I found the writing uncovered different aspects of myself to me.  I felt comfortable to share with the group.  This feels so important in aiding my healing process to improved well-being as I emerge from major life changes.  I felt honoured and enlivened to hear what others were happy to share too.  I felt the delivery of the course inclusive and supportive which aids in encouraging me out of my shell.  I found the increased understanding of myself through the writing increased healthy life changes.  Very grateful to have had the opportunity to complete it".

Therapeutic Writing Course Booklet Cover
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