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“I am delighted to be the Patron of the Daisy Programme.  The Daisy Programme is making significant impact in the local area working with survivors of Domestic Abuse.  The charity is passionate about making a difference to lives affected by abuse and is a lifeline for those looking to rebuild their lives by empowering individuals, giving them tools and techniques to break the chains of abuse and look to a brighter future”.


The Rt Hon Baroness Hayman GBE was the first elected Lord Speaker of the House of Lords from 2006 to 2011. Born in 1949, she was educated at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, and went on to read law at Newnham College, Cambridge, where she was elected President of the Union in 1969.

Baroness Hayman was appointed Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE) in the New Year Honours List 2012.  Baroness Hayman is married with four sons and four grandchildren.

Baroness Hayman lives in Breckland, Norfolk.

Leigh Doran

At the charity's inception in June 2015 I had a vision to create a charity that would support and empower survivors to make steps, little by little to regain their life from abusive relationship(s).  The first barrier being making contact for support, a huge step to admit you can no longer manage the situation.  


We would be there in the aftermath to help pick up the pieces, walk side by side with our clients in their longer term recovery from abuse.  Let’s be under no illusion recovery for some can take a considerable period of time and that’s ok.


Over the last 7 years the Daisy Programme has grown with speed and hard work to become a well respected charity in its area of expertise, adding in February 2021 support for survivors of sexual abuse in Breckland through counselling. This is down to the hard work of the Trustees, staff and volunteers to whom I am in great debt. 


My vision was to have lived experience available to clients, this would then reduce stigma and make conversations a little less painful as our volunteers, the majority of whom are ex-clients who wanted to give back following their own journey of recovery, whilst supporting the most vulnerable to feel safe and most importantly listened to.


Daisy has grown from strength to strength and I am delighted to be part of its continued success. Starting up and leading a charity is no mean feat however in the early days I was never ever going to give up.  The service users we have worked with have been inspirational in their recovery and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved and what the future holds for us.


My role as Patron allows me to continue to advocate for the silent survivors of abuse and I am available to give media interviews and presentations on behalf of the Charity. Please contact if you would like myself or one of our staff, volunteers or clients to speak about our work or the impact of domestic or sexual abuse.

Leigh Doran, Daisy Programme Founder

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