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Children and Young Persons Support

Children are often the forgotten victims of domestic abuse, but the impact of living with abuse can have far reaching consequences for children that continue into later life. Our experienced and highly skilled professionals work with children individually to improve safety, and address feelings of blame; help them to manage their emotions, make better choices and develop healthy relationships.


We will support them whether the abuse is current or historic and whether they have experienced it within their home or their own relationships. Referrals can be made by schools or colleges using the referral form opposite. We are currently supporting children in key stages two, three and four. 


If you would like to discuss a child or young person who would benefit from our support, please phone 01953 880903 and ask for one of our CYP practitioners to ring you back.

Raising Children Programme (developed by Sharing Parenting)

Parenting can be difficult and challenging at the best of times, but for those who live with or are trying to escape domestic abuse, there can be huge additional difficulties.  Confidence in their parenting skills and authority as parents may have been severely undermined, either indirectly or directly as part of the abuse, yet children who have experienced the trauma of domestic abuse, need confident, positive support from their non-abusive parents and a strong relationship with them.


Raising Children is a ten week evidence based course which provides good quality and reliable parenting information and support delivered by accredited facilitators. The aim of the course is to give parents who have suffered domestic abuse the confidence, skills and knowledge in order to develop positive strategies and to support the parents they work with to enable them to raise healthy happy children. 


It is open to any Daisy Programme client or any non-abusive parent whose children are receiving support from our Childrens and Young People’s service. For more information phone 01953 880903 or email

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Please use this form to refer clients to Daisy. You can print and scan and return, or complete electronically and email the form back to us using the contact details below.

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