The aim of Freedom Programme is to help you as a survivor, make sense and piece together what has happened to you, instead of the experience feeling a complete disaster.  


The course is about educating you on the behaviours of perpetrators and the signs to look out for when you enter a new relationship.  


This course is carried out over 10 weeks in a group setting.  

"They made me feel at ease, no question was silly. Listened to everything I said and gave me advice when I asked for it. Were there to talk before delivery and after the course. Nothing was too much trouble. Really helpful".


"This is a very good course. Makes you see you are not the only one in the situation you are in. Makes me more aware of the signs"


"The Freedom Programme is great, the help I have had through Daisy has been outstanding. I wish the Freedom Programme could be taught in schools"

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My Confidence gives you tools and techniques on your journey of recovery to help you re-build your confidence and to grow self-acceptance to enable you to move on and live a richer and more meaningful life.  


This course is carried out over 8 weeks in a group setting.

"I have realised that I am not alone.  Also actually of how low I had got but now I feel re-born and excited with life."


"New friendships, sense of belonging.  Realising my strengths.  How to say No to people and situations I'm not comfortable with."