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I met my former husband in 2009 through a Facebook site we both had a mutual interest in. We started chatting online and got on very well, so in January 2010 we decided to meet. We went out and got to know each other and he seemed like a nice person, he would make the effort to drive down and see me from his Mum’s house which was around an hour drive away. 

After 6 months he moved in with me at my parent’s house. Things were going well although shortly after I found out that he was smoking cannabis which I was not keen on. He would spend a lot of time in our room playing on his Xbox and very rarely socialised with my family.


After a few months we got a flat together, things appeared to be going well, he wasn’t smoking as much cannabis and had got a job in a local pizza place local to my parent’s house getting paid cash in hand. It was around this time that he first showed any signs of aggression, admitting to me he had lost his temper at work and pinned his boss up against the wall. He told me his boss had pushed him to it and it was never spoken of again...

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Dei is not known personally to Daisy, but she wanted to share her story via YouTube. 


There were 2 men in my life that were domestically abusive/violent towards me. The first I met when I was 15 and he was 21. We met at a party I went to with my older sister. We had sat together all night talking about anything and everything.


He was very charming and came across very easy to talk to. We continued to talk over the next few weeks and without even realising it I was in a relationship with him. Things progressed extremely quickly after this point. He asked me to marry him within the first couple of weeks of us being together. He brought me a ring to show everyone that it was serious between us. Over the next 2 years he started to control some aspects of my life, for example he would question me if I went out with my friends. He would want to know where I was, who I was with, who I had spoken to and what time I would be back. He would also tell me that he thought my friends were a bad influence on me, and make me feel guilty for wanting to spend time with them and not him. This became such a regular thing that in the end I stopped going out.

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