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The Daisy Programme was a vision created by our Programme Director who has a passion to support those who struggle with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in their abilities.


The charity started June 2015 and has grown steadily since then.  Our Programme Director always knew that demand would be consistent.  To date we have supported nearly 600 individuals with a variety of interventions to meet their individual needs.


'When I started the Daisy Programme, my drive and passion helped me to focus on building a sustainable model that would provide consistent, yet flexible support to those most in need.  In the last 5 years the charity has grown into something I am very proud of, with the dedication of those who saw my vision and have continued to offer support in a variety of different ways.

The support that we offer is tailored to the clients who have found the courage to call us.  Its not an easy call to make and now with our own hub, once COVID19 restrictions are lifted we are looking to return to our 'open-door' policy where you can be assured of a warm welcome and a cup of tea.


We have a growing number of volunteers who work with Daisy, 75% of them being ex-service users so they know how it feels to disclose domestic abuse.  With the team both in the office and our volunteers we are there to support you every step of the way.’

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Donating Money


Funding historically for Domestic Abuse charities has been challenging.  Over time we have built up steady of source of grants, donations, fundraising events and other creative ways to support those in need.

We have received funding from The Big Lottery, The People's Postcode Trust, The Pilgrims Trust, The Office of the Police Crime Commissioner in Norfolk and built a partnership with Breckland Council through their lottery and core funding to support our variety of projects in the community.  

We are most grateful for the funding we have received to date and know that other funders are needed regularly to sustain our presence in the local community.


The ethos of the Daisy Programme has centred around our psycho-educational programmes and client-led approach to recover.  Over time this has led us to recruit over 15 volunteers to help us to support our work in the community.  With 75% of our volunteers being ex-service users we have been able to build on their journey and make the journey for those coming into the Daisy Programme as positive and encouraging as possible.


We were delighted in 2019 to open our hub in Watton.  A huge amount of work went into getting the hub up and running and donations to make the space useable.  Our hub is very much the centre and heart of our work, offering a safe space for clients to visit for any number of the services that we offer, but as importantly a place to come to where a welcome at the door and a cup of tea is always on hand.

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